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March 19, 2019
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A welcome from the Director of Research Center of PhysiologyDr Rashidy-pour

I would like to extend my warm welcome for visiting our website. Research Center of Physiology was established in the main campus of the Semnan University of Medical Sciences in 2003 and currently is known as one of the top 50 among 150 scientific institutions in Iran. The main goal of this center activities are as followings:

1- Neurobiology of learning and memory, using behavioral and electrophysiological techniques.

2- Acute and chronic stress effects on cognitive functions (learning and memory)

3- Behavioral, histological and molecular studies of chronic stress and related psychological disturbances

4- Cerebral ischemia and edema and therapeutic methods

5- Cardiovascular studies of high blood pressure and herbal therapeutic effects

6- Neuropathic pain studies

7- Drug dependency (opium) and non-medicinal treatments (physical exercise therapies)

The center is equipped with research laboratories, space for breeding and maintenance of animals (mostly rodents), a meeting room and student room for internet access. Some of the research labs in this center have cooperation with the main research institutions in the country and also have affiliation to National Cognitive Organization unit of governmental deputy of research.

The ten full time faculty of research at the center also have full time contribution to the medical education. Currently, there are PhD and Master’s students in physiology as well as other postgraduate students in biochemistry, biophysics and immunology and also medical students, who are training under the supervision at the center.

One of the main goals of this center is to extend its cellular and molecular facilities and also have substantial contribution in research at the international levels. For this to be achieved, we are extending our research activities to overseas Universities and have our contributions with internationally well known researchers from different European, American and Asia-Pacific countries. Likewise, we would like to announce that we have enough space and facilities to admit postgraduate students with strong background in medical basic sciences from overseas for our educational new year, which starts at October 2016.

I would like to thank you for your interest in our center and looking forward to extend our greetings to new national and international researchers and students from various basic and interdisciplinary backgrounds. We do our best to provide a suitable professional and friendly environment for those who like to join our joyful and hard working team in future.


Best Regards,

Ali Rashidy-pour, PhD, Full Prof. Physiology and Neuroscience

Director of Research Center of Physiology

Semnan University of Medical Sciences

Semnan, Iran

Phone: +98 023 33654170 (ext 551)

Email: rashidy-pour@semums.ac.ir

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