Laboratory of Animal Addiction Models

Dr. Miladi-Gorji laboratory

The Laboratory of Animal Addiction Models was established at the Physiology Research Center. So far, different models of drug dependency (morphine, methamphetamine) and tolerance to analgesic effects of morphine and Conditioned place preference (CPP) were conducted in this laboratory. My main research interests include the evaluation of exercise (voluntary running wheel, treadmill, swimming), environmental enrichment and also herbal medicine on drug abuse-induced cognitive, behavioral deficits, such as learning and memory, behavioral withdrawal signs, grooming behaviors, anxiety, voluntary drug consumption using a two-bottle choice paradigm, behavioral sensitization. I have supervised several theses of graduate and medical students.  Meantime, there are two Masters and two PhD students working in this laboratory. In near future, human studies of addictionis planned to be pursued by my lab.


H.Miladi, PhD

Associate Prof. in Physiology